Privacy Policy

Korayspor requires your personal information (name, age, gender, mailing or e-mail address) in order to properly complete registering or ordering procedures. Such information might be used to inform you of campaigns and activities, or to make changes to our website as per your preferences. Providing personal information on this site is optional and subject to your approval as is registration. Any information you provide is securely stored in our database.


Such personal information can only be used by Korayspor, potentially in regular newsletters, special promotion campaigns targeted at certain customer profiles or blocking the delivery of excessive e-mails.


Statistical data, which excludes any and all personal information, may be shared with our partners, affiliates, or subsidiaries to increase the efficiency of our services or to create new customer profile-targeted campaigns.


Under no condition does Korayspor use any personal information for commercial purposes outside its operation or market such information without an expressly stated consent by the user, excluding the cases stated in the provisions of Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Customer information is only disclosed to law enforcement agencies at duly received requests or to official authorities when Korayspor is obliged to account for certain situations. Personal information provided to our website is only accessible to and editable by the user. It is not possible for any third party to access or edit such information.


We use “GeoTrust” (SSL) technology on koraypsor. com. By using the 128-bit SSL certificate, any third parties’ acquisition of personal information is rendered impossible.


When checking out with your credit card, your card information is automatically transferred to the issuing bank and authorisation hold is processed with 3D Secure technology. In the course of the entirety of this process, card information is only accessible to the issuing bank as Korayspor Virtual Store cannot access any such information in any given circumstance. For customer security purposes, Korayspor Virtual Store does not collect or store any credit card information.


Despite taking all actions to secure your data, should a cyber attack on or our system results in corruption or third parties’ acqusition of private data, Korayspor does not remain responsible for any such data.


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